About Alison Kimble

Alison Kimble was born in the United Kingdom and has lived and worked in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and South Korea.  She holds postgraduate qualifications in both Speech Pathology and Human Resource Management.  In 1991 she established ClearSpeak Pty Ltd in Sydney, specialising in the fields of English pronunciation, voice and speaking style.

Following a break of six years in Thailand and South Korea, Alison once again operates out of Sydney, Australia, providing speech and communication training to native English speakers as well as a wide variety of those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

She pioneered the holistic training approach, the ClearSpeak Training Method, and has coached a large number of pronunciation clients by private tuition.  These include many Australian radio broadcasters, business people and professionals who speak English as their second language.  Her original training materials and products have consolidated ClearSpeak as a provider of professional, quality resources. Her book Perfect Pronunciation is used by many colleges and universities internationally as a text for training teachers and speech therapists in the field.

Alison’s early career in a large general hospital included work with voice disability and gender identity speech issues.  Among others, she has published in the fields of Parkinson’s Disease speech and the Gay speech pattern.  The breadth and depth of her experience has helped many clients achieve their desired image through adjusting their speaking style.

Seeking a new challenge earlier in her career, Alison completed a further post-graduate year in human resource management.  She graduated from the Business School with the John O’ Meara Award for Best Student of the Year.  Alison went to work in two international banks, developing people management policies and systems; and rose to executive level in Australia before leaving to start ClearSpeak.  Alison, therefore, has firsthand knowledge of the performance and communication demands of the workplace.

As a professional speech pathologist, Alison follows a strict code of ethics and clients are assured of complete confidentiality in all training they undertake with ClearSpeak.

Alison is a keen singer in the classical style and sings with several groups including the Joubert Singers in Sydney. She has assisted many fellow singers in improving their breathing and vocal technique. See and hear Alison sing in the following video extracts (sung with the Joubert Singers):

Credo trio from Diabelli’s Pastoral Mass

Agnus Dei from Dvorak’s Mass in D

Credo Trio



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Professional Papers

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Published under:
1 maiden name Alison K. Thompson
2 professional name Alison K. Kimble
3 Alison Kimble-Fry