Location Audio Recordist

Kent Robert Fry (BCom). Economist by training. Bank Risk Consultant by trade, now retired.


Currently a Location Audio Recordist for the love of it.

I have spent many years making short films. During that time I have developed skills in all three aspects of film making: pre-production, production and post-production. My location audio skills have been developed in this environment.

My Approach

I consider audio is as important as the pictures in any production. The audience will forgive shaky, grainy or even out of focus pictures. It will not forgive bad audio. Good audio is achieved when three major conditions are met:

    • A good, quiet location for recording audio
    • Getting the microphone(s) as close as possible to the talent
    • Ability to faithfully record clear audio using experience and quality equipment

In addition, it must be easy to link the audio to the correct pictures in post-production where there is dual system recording. A detailed record of each video take against the audio file names is hand written on set.

As well as general drama and documentary work, I also record singers, musicians and choirs in multi-camera shoots. A sample of my audio (and video) work can be heard in the following videos:

Further examples of my work can be found on the Joubert Singers website under ‘Performances’ here