• Perfect Pronunciation: A guide for trainers and self-help students (2nd ed. with DVD). Comes with a FREE QuickStart Workbook. Written in non-technical language for use by both trainers and those improving their own English pronunciation.  It covers the entire training process, including a simple assessment tool for students and an in-depth set of techniques for training every English sound.  It is designed for STANDARD NEUTRAL ENGLISH but can easily be adapted for any variety. A three-hour DVD of 'listen and repeat' sound exercises is included for use by self-help students.
  • For speech-language trainers, the CAP Test allows you to identify systematically all non-standard English sound pronunciations in a student. Simple to use and no specialist expertise is needed. The test comes complete with 25 sets of forms for testing 25 subjects.
  • ClearSpeak’s Pronunciation of the Order of Mass: A coaching guide to improve diction and clarity The product is a training resource for priests in the Catholic Church seeking to improve their diction when conducting the mass.  It consists of a workbook and three compact disks.  It will be of special help to priests, and those studying for the priesthood, who speak English as a second language. It will be equally valuable for English speakers with rushed or indistinct delivery.  The voice coach uses STANDARD NEUTRAL ENGLISH. The Order of Mass used in this training material is taken from the 2011 translation of the Proper Prayer and Order of Mass approved by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.
  • Test sheet pack (25) for ClearSpeak Adult Pronunciation Test
  • Business with Style: A simple guide to Australian protocol and manners Gives you step-by-step guidelines for dealing with Australian business colleagues in the office and social situations.