Accent & Speaking Style Programs

Are you constantly repeating yourself?  Are you ignored in meetings or lack confidence in getting your message across?  Perhaps you have new life goals and want to project a totally new image?  Whatever your need, ClearSpeak will tailor a speech and voice training program just for you.

If English is your second language, is your accented English a problem? We are specialists in bringing about meaningful accent change and have a 25 year record of success.


Do you need:

  • Accent change (for either Non-English or English background speakers)
  • Pronunciation improvement for mumbled speech
  • Adjustment of very fast speech
  • Greater variety of intonation to create impact
  • Assertive voice
  • Voice projection and the technique for ‘safe’ loud speech
  • Enhancement of voice quality (changing strident, breathy, nasal or high pitched speech)
  • Style change to better reflect your chosen sexual orientation

If so, a ClearSpeak program will help you reach your goal.

You may say all the right words when you make a presentation but if your speech is rushed or your style irritating, your audience will still switch off.  Of course, the spoken word may not be your real concern.  If others are not responding to you positively face-to-face, maybe you need to change your interaction style?  This means exploring:

  • The impact of your body language during discussions
  • Your listening skills and how you share “air time”

You can enhance both your group presentation and personal interaction style by learning to apply these skills more effectively.

You may have reached a crossroads in your life and desire to create a totally new image.  The way you speak, move and use your voice is very much a part of the image you project.  ClearSpeak offers an assessment of your entire speaking style.  This includes voice, speech, body language and the impact of your speaking style on others.

The assessment session takes one and a half hours and is supplemented by six questionnaires completed beforehand by your colleagues or friends.  They are encouraged to provide candid comments on your speaking style as they are returned directly to ClearSpeak.  This feedback is shared anonymously with you during discussion of your results.

A substantial part of your session is spent giving you direct feedback on areas for improvement and providing insight into the impact your various style features have on others.  This means you take away useful information you can action even if you do not go on to pursue training in specific areas.  There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with training following your assessment.

ClearSpeak training is targeted at those who wish to achieve a superior level of skill.  All training is therefore by private tuition as no two speakers have the same needs nor do they learn new skills at the same pace.  Having said this, small group training of up to three clients may be considered in certain cases.  All pronunciation training is accompanied by recorded ClearSpeak training exercises.  These are essential for home practice in order to bring about meaningful change.
These are private tuition programs for those being sponsored by an employer. Programs may be of any length but will typically be based on either:

Six Week Program

Usually suitable for those wishing to improve voice, speed of speech, intonation and body language.  If accented speech is an issue, then a longer program is required.

Twelve Week Program

Usually suitable for those seeking to improve clarity of pronunciation or modify the impact of foreign or regional accent.  Those who speak English as a second language will require a program of this length.

Programs begin with a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of your speaking style.  This is followed by the recommended number of training sessions of one hour each.  Sessions are generally held once a week to enable you to apply and consolidate what you have learnt.  A short review session may be held three or four months after your program to review progress and provide you with feedback for further learning.

The program fee includes all ClearSpeak recorded audio exercises and printed materials.  Progress reports are provided for corporate sponsors if required.

A special no frills option is available for those financing their own training i.e. not administered by their employer.  The training approach and materials are similar to those for Standard Programs but there are no reports or liaison with employers.  Importantly, there are no accounts with this program. You pay-as-you-go at each session and receive the materials required for that particular session.  Tax receipts will only be issued in the client’s name.  These programs are only offered at the ClearSpeak Hunters Hill office. The length of program is confirmed following your initial assessment.

For those keen to get started with their own training, see our complete training instruction book Perfect Pronunciation.

If you have a speech disability such as cluttering (rapid, tumbled speech), slurred speech or hoarse voice due to strain or pathology, you may be eligible for speech therapy.  A doctor’s referral or medical consultation will be required in certain cases.  No GST is payable and your Private Health Fund may cover part of your costs.
Private or small group tutorials are available for speech therapists and certified English language trainers. These two hour tutorials with Alison Kimble are arranged on request and are aimed at both experienced pronunciation trainers as well as those branching into this field. The content is tailored to suit participants but in general covers discussion of the concepts and techniques of the ClearSpeak Method of pronunciation change plus the CAP Test of sound assessment. It includes real time demonstration of how to train selected sounds in a client brought to the session by the participant. The Perfect Pronunciation book is essential pre-reading for the tutorial. A letter of completion is provided if required for Professional Self Regulation purposes. More information and fee on request.
All training is conducted in strictest confidence.  Your identity, personal details and progress are covered by the trainer’s professional ethics and Code of Practice.
Training is by Alison Kimble, a professionally qualified speech pathologist, who specialises in speech and voice enhancement. …(read more).
Email ClearSpeak (see Contact Us) if you would like further information about what a program can offer you or a member of your team.

To assist us with your enquiry, please state the type of program you are seeking. We provide training to suit two different needs:

Corporate clients – sponsored by your employer and held at your place of work. Ask for a Standard Program

Self-financed clients – arranged by you and held at our Hunters Hill office. Ask for a Flexi-Program

We will be glad to send you the relevant information and give you an indication of possible training times for the program you require.